All membership dues must be paid by May 1st on website flashlight q250, or you will be expected to pay green fees.

$450 – Family

$400 – Single

$200 – College

$ 75 – Junior

$175 – Cart Storage – Gas Policy: All cart owners will purchase their own gas. It will be available at the course for a fee of $15 per fill-up. Members may bring their own gasoline and color flashlight, but they are NOT to leave gas cans on golf course property. Any gas cans left will be confiscated. Members who own electric carts will have to pay a yearly $50 fee for electricity in addition to the cart storage fee.

$ 10 – Club Storage

$300 – Cart Lease

Family Membership: Parents and children living under the same roof.

Single Membership: 18 and over

Junior: 17 and under

Cart Storage – Limited Spaces available

Cart Lease – With the cart lease, you may use a cart unlimited times as long as one is available. This will not include outings. Limited Number of leases sold per year.