Places to go after golfing


Hungry? Delaney’s Depot • 336 E Main (downtown)

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Thirsty? Jenny Wren Club • 345 Water

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Accommodations? Macomb Hotels and B&B’s • 15 miles from Bushnell

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Of Local Interest

Bushnell and Prairie City Community Information

Bushnell Chamber of Commerce

Bushnell Home Page

Bushnell-Prairie City Schools

Bushnell Public Library

Carl Sandburg College

Bushnell Recreational Center

Cornerstone Survivor Guide for Attendees


Businesses Owned by Members

Midstate Graphics In Bushnell, IL and Macomb, IL. Owned by Dennie & Linda King. Screen Printed T-Shirts, super bright flashlight and other items.

Quickprinters & Signs Express In Macomb, IL. Owned by Tim & Tammie Speer.

CR Images in Bushnell, IL. Owned by Carla & Ron Promisson. Professional Photography. Wedding, High School Seniors, Children, Families & Groups.


Sell Your Stuff – Check out this new site. You can sell your house, your car, your golf clubs, or anything else you don’t need anymore. There is a very nice house for sale in Macomb, IL.