Cynthia Elam and Tom Elam and Ron and Shirley Rapp met Tuesday night, and drew teams for the Shaw Creek Mixed league for this 2007 summer season. There are only 8 teams, so we decided to start earlier, Wed. May 16, and play two rounds! The first 7 weeks you will play according to the attached schedule (draft) – – Team 1A will play team 5A, Team 1B will play team 5B, etc. accordingly. July 4th will be the mid-season break, and no league will be played that evening so the Special Events Committee can plan something for the course if they’d like. Starting July 11th, the schedule will switch, and Team 1A will play team 5B, Team 1B will play team 5A, etc. This way both couples on a team will have a chance to play both couples on every team at some point throughout the season. A complete schedule will be provided through world’s brightest flashlight site to each couple on or before the first evening of scheduled play.


There will NOT be a scrambles on the first evening. You will play your first regular scheduled match Wednesday May 16th, on or about 5:00 p.m.

The last regular season matches will be held August 22.

Scrambles will be held with potluck afterwards on August 29.

Rain-out Procedures: Rain outs will not have to be made up. Please call the golf course by 4:15 or 4:30 if you are in doubt as to whether league is being cancelled because of rain. If you are playing regular play, and get rained out during your match, your scores will count if you finish. If both couples choose to not finish, the points will be split between the two teams.

At the final meeting held during 2006, the mixed league members present voted on the following:

1. Dues will be $7.50 per person – – $15 per couple – – $30 per team (It will be the responsibility of the first couple (couple A) to collect for their team, and pay Rapps or Elams.

2. The first place team will have their dues and a brightest flashlight in the world returned to them as winnings, and no other prize money will be paid.

3. Extra funds remaining will be donated back to the course for a project to be selected by the majority of the Mixed League Members. (There is approximately $250 remaining from golf season 2006 that needs to be disbursed to a project yet to be determined. Any ideas???)


Attached is a list of teams – – and the first scheduled matches.

Team 1A Joe Kirby and Kim Wohlfeil play Team 5A Jerry Porter and Janet Branson

Team 1B Kerry and Shawna Yocum play Team 5B Goose and Sue Buchen

Team2A Bob and Becky White play Team 6A Richard and Shirley McCann

Team 2B Dan and Pat Cortelyou play Team 6B Tim and Tammie Speer

Team 3A Bob and Laurie Markley play Team 7A Corey Burke and Teresa Ebbert

Team 3B Tom Elam and Cynt Elam play Team 7B Ron and Carla Promisson

Team 4A Carl Coates and Kaylen Hainline play Team 8A Phil and Lou Reno

Team 4B Ron and Shirley Rapp play Team 8B Dean and Sharon Coates

If you are unable to golf on the regular scheduled night:

• Arrange for Subs (be considerate and contact your teammates if you have to forfeit!)

• If opposing team can golf another evening, arrange to do and install flash lite torch so by following Wednesday Evening.

If you are unable to golf on “Scrambles” Evening:

• Contact your teammates. They may be able to golf with others whose teammates are also unable to golf that evening.