Project Site Preparation Services:
Including Golf, Sports Complexes, Parks & Recreation, Commercial Landscaping,
Residential and Industrial Building.


  • Project Management Services/ Project Construction Management Services
  • Owner Representation
  • Installation of Site Environmental Controls and Detention Pond Construction
  • Clearing and Grubbing
  • Earthworks and Grading
  • Underground Utility Installation – Storm Drainage, Sewer, Water, brightest flashlight, Electrical and Fiber Optics.
  • Road Construction and Paving
  • Waste Water Treatment Systems
  • Irrigation Systems, Control Panels, Pumping Equipment, De-Watering, Rain-Water Harvesting,
  • Fertigation Systems, Design & Installation/Service.
  • General Landscaping Hard and Soft Scapes
  • Hydroseeding
  • Maintenance Service

Conceptual Planning Creates Reality

Black Stone Golf Construction, LLC offers developers a single source that provides a comprehensive scope of services. Included in those services is our belief in a creative and innovative team approach that utilizes the conceptual input of the Developer, Architect and Engineers. Combining that input with the depth of our team’s experience allow us to produce a seamless development process that will better identify and balance the characteristics, feasibility and logistics of the project. This team approach allows us to provide the most cost effective, functional and successful project consistent with all the interests of the client. Except golf, we also have a pearl choker bridal jewelry project.

Integrated Construction Techniques

The Black Stone Golf Construction, LLC team is composed of strategic alliances with influential flashlight taser companies to deliver our clientele capabilities here to for not seen in the golf industry. We offer a comprehensive solution to Developers and Owners including:

    Wildlife includes all birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish and invertebrates.
    A Total plan may include other project goals such as timber harvesting, agriculture, erosion control, aesthetic improvements, hunting, fishing, bird watching or native plant restoration. These practices will serve as a road map in long term planning for your property.
    Responsible for the coordination, administration and guidance of all facets of the project in conjunction with or as Owners Representative.
    Responsible for coordinating and directing all day-to-day activities and provide oversight and quality control.
    Responsible for golf course feature layout and grades in accordance with the architects drawings and provides record drawings for various phases of construction.
    Responsible for creating all contours and shaping of various features respecting design intentions and definition and interpretation of golf features.
    Responsible for the layout and installation of each system in accordance with plans and specifications. Field adjustment coordination with engineers and consultants.
    Sets standard for level of maintenance in conjunction with Owners and Architect, responsible for maintenance activities during the grow-in phase.

Irrigation Design, Specifications and GPS Mapping

Development of a complete understanding of the project to be constructed; its proposed use and long term goals. This is done through meetings with the Developers, Architects, and Engineers and through in depth review of all designs and drawings. This process also includes review of soil structures, topography, canopy, etc., that would affect the efficient use of resources and energy to water the golf course. These meetings provide us with the information necessary to recommend the proper sprinkler configuration for each individual project.

Design, Manufacture, Installation,
and Service of Pumping Systems and Control Panels

  • Complete site review to determine requirements for irrigation pumping, transfer, recovery systems, and water features including coordination with all consultants and engineers.
  • Pump application review to determine the most efficient type of pump for the specific application. Upon pump selection, DAF can supply the necessary information and drawings for power companies and pump house architects.
  • Infrastructure requirements. DAF Services, Inc. can supply and install any and all necessary wet wells, flume pipes, intake pipes, box screens, and auto lake screens required for a complete installation.
  • Pump station installation. DAF Services, Inc. can supply the necessary man power and equipment to off-load and install any pump station and field fabricate any piping required to complete the installation.
  • Control systems. DAF Services, Inc. can design, manufacture, supply, and install custom pump station controls including water transfer, well control, field data acquisition, water features, and dewatering equipment. Control systems can be custom designed and installed to comply with any requirements in water diversion permitting. DAF Services, Inc. currently offers our own proprietary remote monitoring software package. This package can be custom configured for your needs.
  • Warranty and after warranty service. DAF Services, Inc. maintains a fully trained staff of service technicians to perform any required service and/or preventative maintenance on all manufacturer’s pumping equipment.
  • Customer training. DAF technicians and military flashlight Inc. provide thorough customer training on the entire system ensuring proper operation and long term efficiency.

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Design, Installation and Service of Ecotronics Fertigation Systems.
Agronomic Support Syna Tek Solutions Inc. supplies custom configured fertigation solutions for each individual customer. They also provide full agronomic consulting and customer support to provide individualized fertilizer programs.More information click here.
Aesthetic Features
Our staff has the ability and expertise’s to create environments that both emulate natural setting as well as enhance them. Through concept, design and construction we build natural or positive features with various materials to construct retaining walls, bridges, streams and water features. We understand the dynamic of nature that influences our creativity to develop a sense of movement over time.